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It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  No it’s Juan Lagares!

It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  No it’s Juan Lagares!

Dilsonnnnnn!!!  First Major League Home Run means your first turn through the hit towel car wash!

Dilsonnnnnn!!!  First Major League Home Run means your first turn through the hit towel car wash!

Tonight, Dilson Herrera will become the 14th Colombian-born player to appear in the majors, and the first with the #Mets. 

#AskEdgin - Josh Edgin takes over @Mets Twitter

Thursday afternoon, reliever Josh Edgin took over the official Mets Twitter to answer fan questions!  Below is the transcript:

Q)  @jackinthebachs:  Who do you usually sit next to in the bullpen?
A)  Edgin:  It varies but usually Torres.

Q)  @Peace_Love_Mets:  Is there any advantages of being a lefty pitcher?
A)  Edgin:  Yes - there are not that many of us.  Lefties are awesome in general.

Q)  @jacobhall2521:  How important are defined roles for relievers?  Could a MLB team rotate guys in at closer to keep offenses guessing?  Would it work
A)  Edgin:  Very important to an extent but you have to be ready for any situation.

Q)  @PaulClolery:  Who taught you to throw the slider and how did you adapt it to yourself?
A)  Edgin:  I started using it in Kingsport with Jonathan Hurst, and each pitching coach along the way has helped out.

Q)  @The_Real_Unit12:  Toughest player to face?
A)  Edgin:  They are all tough in their own sense.  Too hard to say.  

Q)  @spidle1523:  What’s your favorite part about playing at Citi Field?
A)  Edgin;  Just the city atmosphere.  The energy level of Mets fans is great.

Q)  @grantwithers1:  Do you shampoo and condition your beard?
A)  Edgin:  I shampoo it once a week and twice on Sundays for a total of three a week. 

Q)  @mccormickgeoff:  Who’s the clubhouse joker?
A)  Edgin:  I’d say Bartolo, but everyone has their own personality and way of joking around.

Q)  @bernard515:  When growing up, who was your favorite baseball player & team?
A)  Edgin:  My favorite player growing up was Cal Ripken Jr. fan.

Q)  @josh_herz:  Is Turner left-handed and if so, did you tie his right hand behind his back?
A)  Edgin:  He is very right-handed.  Thank his mother for that one. 

Q)  @LeonChmielewski:  What is your favorite road stadium to explore?
A)  Edgin:  I like Pittsburgh probably because it’s close to family.  I like Seattle in the AL.

Q)  @Greenberg30:  Why did you choose number 66?
A)  Edgin:  Nope that is what they gave me when I got here and stuck with it.

Q)  @PelfreyTheDog:  Do you have a dog?
A)  Edgin:  I have 2 dogs, a yellow lab and a maltipoo.

Q)  @TooGooden16:  Why are you so good at getting the first batter that you face out?
A)  Edgin:  Getting ahead in the count is the key.

Q)  @DCatterson_:  What music do you listen to before a game?
A)  Edgin:  Eric Church/Country

Q)  @Jconstantinides:  Have any rituals / superstitions?
A)  Edgin:  Not really I try not to step on the foul lines.

Q)  @bnewsome14:  Can you give FMU baseball a shout out before I head out to practice?
A)  Edgin:  yeah!  Shout out to the Patriots!  Have fun in fall conditioning.

Q)  @Austin_Leftwich:  What’s your favorite color?  
A)  Edgin:  Periwinkle.

Q)  @brownstone185:  What players on the team have helped you the most to adjust to the NYC environment?
A)  Edgin:  All the guys that have been here for a while have their own views and help out with any questions about the city.

Q)  @m_matrongolo:  When are you going to grow your hair out like de’Grom?
A)  Edgin:  That would be a problem for me.  I would need a lot of Rogaine.

Q)  @AaronHowie:  What is the weirdest/craziest thing that you have ever signed?
A)  Edgin:  A flip flop.

Q)  @edmega332:  Who’s stronger, Anthony Recker or the entire bullpen combined?
A)  Edgin:  The entire bullpen, we have Familia.

Q)  @colbyconetta:  Are you a fan of edge-related puns for your name?  #EdgeOfGlory
A)  Edgin:  Sure, you got any others?

Q)  @Kevin_Bruns:  What’s your favorite part about being a #MLB ballplayer?
A)  Edgin:  Fulfilling a childhood dream.

Q)  @Hofstra4life:  Any advice to a young pitcher?
A)  Edgin:  Throw strikes, doesn’t matter how hard.  Just make sure they’re strikes right now.

Q)  @KristopherKellz:  How exactly did you become so cool?
A)  Edgin:  My mom and dad took swagger classes in the 80’s.

Q)  @mwt0731:  What was the funniest moment in the bullpen this year?
A)  Edgin:  Having Mejia makes everyday awesome!

Q)  @_mistermet:  Is that laptop from like 2001?
A)  Edgin:  1998.

Q)  @MarcCarig:  On a scale of 1-10, can you rate @jareddiamond’s awesomeness?
A)  Edgin:  3.729

Q)  @melaniemoX01:  Chocolate or vanilla?
A)  Edgin:  Vanilla.

Q)  @brandon_tiernan:  With the NFL season approaching, what team do you pull for?
A)  Edgin:  I’m a Steelers fan at heart.

Q)  @Sconch69:  If you had one dollar and could spend it on anything in a gas station what would you buy?
A)  Edgin:  Fake tattoos.  #MayNeed2Dollars

Q)  @_mistermet:  What covers more of the Earth:  water or Juan Lagares?
A)  Edgin:  Water covers 71% of the earth.  @juanlagares2 is around 68.9%.

Q)  @AstoriaHaiku:  Shake Shack or Blue Smoke?
A)  Edgin:  I’m a huge BBQ guy so Blue Smoke.

Q)  @nyanks1979:  Josh, how come they didn’t give you a proper chair to sit in, jeez!
A)  Edgin:  I love stools. #Anchorman

Q)  @JEKatz33:  What was your favorite park to pitch in when you were shutting them down in the SAL for @gnatsbaseball?
A)  Edgin:  Historic Grayson Field of course!

Q)  @Cstaps123:  At what age did you realize you had the chance to play professionally?  
A)  Edgin:  Probably 21 I wasn’t sure what sport I wanted to play in college.

Q)  @susanh121:  No question, I just wanted to say that I’m a big fan.
A)  Edgin:  Hello Susan.  Let’s Go Mets!

Q)  @jeremy_hefner53:  Mickey Mouse clubhouse or jake and the never land pirates? 
A)  Edgin:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but it’s close. 

Q)  @mike5_5_5:  Nicer hair:  Mejia or deGrom?
A)  Edgin:  Depends what style you’re looking for.

Q)  @Kramer186:  Hey Josh!  Huge Mets fan attending college at New Paltz.  Love how you play.  Best of luck with everything! - Melissa.
A)  Thanks Melissa!  Let’s Go Mets!

Q)  @nickatnite18:  Who would win in a fight?  You or Mr. Met?
A)  Edgin:  You’ll have to ask @MrMet.

Q)  @HereeeesJonny:  Who is your biggest role model growing up?
A)  Edgin:  My dad and grandfather.

Q)  @Ryan_Hickey3:  Chunky or smooth peanut butter?
A)  Edgin:  You have no clue how hard it is to answer this question.  I stir them together.

Q)  @A_Katz12:  How do you prevent the running game when pitching?
A)  Edgin:  Vary your looks.

Q)  @Mrmet55:  Xbox One or Playstation 4?
A)  Edgin:  Playstation 3.  Technology is moving too fast.

Q)  @karen__kessler:  Big fan!!! Always wished the Mets would follow me so can you please do it for me?
A)  Edgin:  Done.

Q)  @bkleinknecht:  How do you get your head so shiny?
A)  Edgin:  I use a Gillette Fusion Pro Glide topped with Neutrogena.

Q)  @MikeVolino21:  Favorite TV show?
A)  Edgin:  Duck Dynasty.

Q)  @bkleinknecht:  What was your nickname in college?
A)  Edgin:  Red.

And our favorite…

Oh no you didn’t Wilmer.  Yes, yes he did.  #WebGem

Oh no you didn’t Wilmer.  Yes, yes he did.  #WebGem

We would like to thank the New York Jets for nominating us for the #IceBucketChallenge. We are happy to accept their challenge as the New York Mets organization has helped raise money for Project ALS for 12 years. We would like to nominate loyal Mets fan Jon Stewart and the SNY TV Booth - Gary, Keith and Ron! You have 24 hours to donate and take the challenge or make a larger donation at

It’s outta here x2!!!

It’s outta here x2!!!

Are right fielders eligible to record saves?  If so, Granderson’s game saving catch has to qualify. 

Are right fielders eligible to record saves?  If so, Granderson’s game saving catch has to qualify. 

An outsider’s view of #MetsFireworksNight at #CitiField last Saturday.

An outsider’s view of #MetsFireworksNight at #CitiField last Saturday.

This is what we call the Lagares Show! What a throw!

This is what we call the Lagares Show! What a throw!